T H E . A N G E L .

O F . T H E . A L T A . L A N G A



[...] The Angel of the Alta Langa carries the force of the matter is was moulded from, although its physicality lives in the depths of invisibility: the large wings open for an all-encompassing embrace, the baffling look that appears open and at the same time sealed, its mass cannot be a mere statuary frame, as it conquers the third dimension while claiming its impalpability.
The Angel’s silvery color emanates a rarified light that changes according to the atmosphere and settles on ideas and time. [...] (Antonio D'amico)

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M E T A M O R P H O S I S .
O F . T H E . S A C R E D . F E M I N E



I'm convinced that the woman in the West contains all of the bright divinity which is, from ever, whitin the sacred femine. (Daniele Cazzato)


T E S T O R I . P R OJ E C T



The intensity of Testori's poetry evoked in me the picture of the "fregata magnificens", fantastic marine bird whit more than two meters wingspan. In the mating season, he expands this red pocket on his on his neck to show all his passion. The nature mirrors human emotions. (Daniele Cazzato)

Coreography by Elena Serra
Painting by Daniele Cazzato

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M I G R A T I N G . A N G E L S



This projects wants to manifest the beauty of humanity through the decontextualized picture of the angels; without building sacred icons. A man cannot picture an angel, but he can fell it through his body. (Daniele Cazzato)

Performance in cooperation whit Elena Serra


E N E R G Y  . A N D . G E N E S Y



[...] Thus, like the rapid and evanescent marks which make up is pictures, the streams of interrupted light from cracks in the metal and form the reverberations of resinous glass are also on the hunt for an identity. They are looking for the definition of the figure, they aspire towards the pure image... [...] (Antonio D'Amico)

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[...] the porosity of the glass elements reminds us of the brushstrokes, the oscillating play on trasparency leading to opacity creates a filter for identity, its sculpture look like a cocoon waiting for an ultimate definition, a new life, to follow in the trail of vitality, a trail that is the child of the invisible, perceivable only with the soul! [...] (Antonio D'Amico)